Sunbelt Hot Tubs

About our Hot Tubs

Kilpatricks Pools and Spas are proud to offer high quality American value to the South West.

Presenting the latest generation of American Spas, offering silicone free SQR jets, Insulated ABS base, ozone and industry leading Gecko components as standard, backed up with a three year warranty plan.

Whatever the size of your garden this range has three sizes to suit. As an American product they offer proven innovation and quality without breaking the bank.

Available in stunning sterling silver Lucite acrylic and grey cabinet for immediate delivery!

The Range




2.08 x 1.53 x 0.82m




1.93 x 1.93 x 0.92m




2.21 x 2.21 x 0.95m

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What makes us stand out from the rest?

Wide range
We have a wide range of affordable, high quality hot tubs designed to suit all budgets. Regardless of what you are looking for we have a product for you!

Value for money
Our hot tubs start at a modest £3,990 up to a respectable £11,690.

Peace of mind
We have 100% confidence in our product and therefore offer up to 10 year warranty on our products.

Pure Quality
Unlike other businesses we believe in transparent pricing. We are not commission based, so you won’t get hard sell from us. Instead, a dedicated and professional service with openness and honesty at its core. We display, advertise and stand by our pricing, offering the best the industry has at a sensible and fair price.

We don’t compromise
Unlike other suppliers, we do not compromise on the specification of our hot tubs because of price; we use the same components and parts on all our hot tubs. Many suppliers offer cheap plastic and wooden alternatives in there lower end ranges, indeed some do across their entire range! All our hot tubs are made to the highest standards using the global leading Lucite Acrylic and maintenance free cabinets.

Chemicals and accessories
You can find more information at our hot tub chemicals and accessories page here.

Replacement covers
If you need a replacement cover for your hot tub please contact us for more information.